Živa Antika / Antiquité Vivante 70.1-2 (2020)

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Front matter

Table des matières – Содржина

V. Mitevski
On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Academician Petar Hr. Ilievski (1920-2013) [5–16]

F. C. Woudhuizen
On the Reading and Interpretation of the Two Longer Sidetic Inscriptions S I.2.1 and S I.2.5 [17–34]

S. Costanza
Palamede πρῶτος εὑρητής di lettere, dadi, pedine [35–60]

S. Hajdarević – I. Braica
Spomeni pisanja u grčkim tragedijama
[References to writing in Greek tragedies] [61–90]

N. Bulić – A. Matan
La versificazione di Paschalis Verronvs nella Vita Sanctae Euphemiae [91–114]

В. Саракински
Почему необходимо освободить античных македонцев от груза их этнической принадлежности [115–132]

N. Čausidis
Odysseus’ Shooting an Arrow through Axes as an Act of Coitus and Hierogamy [133–164]

С. Бабамова – А. Николоска
Нови согледувања за тиквешката група надгробни споменици
[New observations on the “Tikveš group” funeral stelae] [165–180]

Г. Наумов
Пелагонските тумби од предисторијата до средниот век
[Pelagonian tells from Prehistory to the Middle Ages] [181–218]

S. Panovski
Hardly a Wasteland: Antiquity and Academic Production in the SR of Macedonia [219–232]

D. Leitner-Stojanov
Production of Knowledge on Late Antiquity in Socialist Macedonia (1944-1991) [233–246]

Критика и библиографија / Comptes rendus bibliographiques

Н. Проева
IVANA POPOVIĆ, SOFIJA PETKOVIĆ, (eds.), Illyricum Romanum, Studiola in honorem Miloje Vasić, Monographs No. 73, Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade 2020, pp. 286. [247–252]

В. Саракински
ASHK P. DAHLÉN (ed.). Achaemenid Anatolia: Persian presence and impact in the western satrapies 546–330 BC. Proceedings of an international symposium at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 7–8 September 2017. Boreas. Uppsala Studies in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Civilizations 37, Uppsala 2020. 270 pp., 58 ills. [252–258]

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